• MJ Jazz'Coustic @Jazz Club Etoile, Paris
    Jazz Club Etoile
    Jan 24, 2020, 8:30 PM
    Jazz Club Etoile, 81 Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, 75017 Paris, France
    Michael Jackson Jazz'Coustic in Quintet with Sans Elle (voice) - Ivan Quintero (guitar) - Pierre Demange (drums) - Julien Lallier (drums) - Denis Pituala (DB)

"Un hommage féminin, pétillant, très original" et une redécouverte des thèmes qui ont marqué le coeur de plus de trois générations."

MJazz'Coustic is not 'another' tribute to the King of Pop.

Take the touching simplicity and warmth of a jazz guitar and of a soulful voice with a great range,

add unconditional love for the artist, nearly intuitive co-arranging between two musicians after years of friendship and collaboration and here's what you get: a both refreshing, cosy and meteoric experience.

MJazz'Coustic can be performed in a simple duet, trio, quartet or 5et. 



Arrangements & Guitar: Ivan Quintero
Melodic arrangements & vocals: Sans Elle

Drums : Pierre Demange

Piano: Julien Lallier

Bass/ DB : Denis Pitalua













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